It’s almost Official now

Sawadee Khrap

DSC_1275Well it’s done now – we are engaged. Team wanted the smaller diamond for the engagement but  I plan to have his wedding ring match mine with the larger diamond.   No plans yet for a actual wedding  – no gay marriages here in Thailand – just hoping they pass the Civil Partnership Law soon so we can make it official..

Just got a new smart TV and enjoying many movies together at home and getting our mutual calendar setup.  So many things to do – especially to plan1466559192341 the future, trips, things we need and want.  And here is a shot of his first load of bread made at home. If life together goes and taste as good as the bread came out then we DSC_1283-01.jpegshould have a great future.


2nd Operation successful

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from BKK and the second operation for the blocked left kidney artery – 74,000 Baht this time – so far the total bill for 2 stents comes to   169,000 Baht  =  $4694.    Feeling great – scheduled for check up and blood tests to see if everything is going OK next week, should know how well the kidneys are doing then. 

Remember that BKK Hospital in Pattaya wanted 1,000,000 Baht for the same thing. —— Please, if you come to Thailand for a medical vacation be sure and check out the Gov’t teaching and training hospitals first – Sriphat in Chiang Mai and Sririaj in BKK .   Great service, pricing and quality.  

I’ll post more and some photos taken on the trip later.


New addition to the family

Sawadee Khrap

You may have noticed the new heading for the blog – Meet Teamnoi (TinTin) my better half.Team    TinTin and I will be traveling around Thailand and showing you the best spots to visit when you come here to Thailand.

What a wonderful guy – full of spirit and adventure, presently working on his Masters of Toxicology at a local teaching hospital and he also holds a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from CMU.   He loves traveling, cooking, photography and meeting new people and challenges.  I can go on and on.

He will be going with me to BKK for the next operation on the 11th for the left blocked kidney artery and hopefully be able to enjoy a brief vacation in Pattaya before we come back.

As you may be able to tell – I am extremely happy and excited about our new life together.  I know you will find the new articles and photos of our trips around Thailand together more colorful and exciting – what else could be expected with such a lovely and charming companion.  I hope to get him to write some of the new posts adding his look and feel to the Blog.



“Comments” problem–not working

Sawadee Khrap

I seem to be having a major conflict with my security software and the ability to post comments on posts.   Sorry your comments have not appeared for several months.  I will try to get this back working – ASAP

The only way to reach me is through the “CONTACT ME” page. – this works but will not be for specific posts.

Sorry for the inconvenience



MaeSai Trip–Jaiand

Sawadee Khrap

Sorry for the late posting but 2 weeks ago I took a quick trip to Maesai to visit my friend – Jaiand.  We had met in Pattaya and he was at home helping his mother.  Jaiand showed me this great cozy guesthouse in Maesai – Patcharaporn resort located in town on Pa Meuad  soi just off Hwy 1.20160519_15013520160519_150130  500 Baht a night including breakfast for 2 –  what a great deal and a wonderful place to stay – Don’t  miss it if you visit Maesai for your VISA run.  And we had wonderful dinner at HueanHimDoi rstaurant    just off Hwy 1 at the Hwy 123 junction.   Great food – Thai style – and this spread cost only 800 Baht.20160518_18091020160518_182221     We visited  Wat Phara That Doi Wao overlooking the bridge to Myanmar (Burma) and the border city Tachileik.IMG_4540IMG_4543IMG_4570-Pano   What a view from here.   The next day we headed for Doi MaeSalong – now the tea capital of Thailand – but it used to be the poppy and opium growing area  for the Maesai’s Golden Triangle opium dens.IMG_4627-PanoIMG_4642IMG_4657-Pano    From here, we made it to Wat ThaTon (Phra Aram Luang)  on Hwy 107 going to Fang but started to have a bad vibrations in the car.  Something was really going wrong so we headed back for the 2 hr. drive back to Maesai.  The car was really getting bad – felt like either failing motor mounts or the drive shaft universals were acting up – so I cut my visit short and limped slowly back to Chiang Mai – made it and did have to have new universals  installed – so the car was again in the shop for 3 days – but I also had new front shocks put in so now I should be worry free for quite a while.  Wish I would have had more time to visit with Jaiand but after my  upcoming operation – which was rescheduled  for June 11th – I should have time to visit him again.  I promise more photos next time.


Never call me handsome again

Sawadee Khrap

If sex with 3 people is called a threesome and

sex with 2 people is a twosome,

now I understand why they call you handsome!


Pregnant Prostitute:
Doctor asks pregnant prostitute, “Do you know who the father is?” 
“For Christ’s sake, if you ate a tin of beans would you know which one made you fart?”


Thanks to Paul’s Sundays Funnies


An insider’s story

Sawadee Khrap

And thanks to Kevin for this :

A bloke goes to Thailand and brought home a lovely new wife.

  A year later his mate at the golf club asks “How’s that lovely wife you picked up in Thailand doing ?” 

“She died – rather suddenly.”  “Oh, I  am sorry – what happened?”  “Prostate cancer.”



Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Jerry for this great inspiring story.

Tyrone was having trouble in school; his teacher was always yelling at him, “You’re driving me crazy, Tyrone; can’t you learn anything?”

One day Tyrone’s mother came to school to see how he was doing. The teacher told her honestly that her son was simply a disaster, getting very low marks, and that she had never had such an unmotivated and
ignorant boy in her entire teaching career. Tyrone’s mom, shocked at the feedback, withdrew her son from school and moved out of Detroit, relocating to Cleveland.

Twenty Five years later, the teacher was diagnosed with irreversible cardiac disease. Her doctors all strongly advised her to have open heart surgery, which only one surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic could perform. Left with no other options, the teacher decided to have the operation, which was remarkably successful.

When she opened her eyes after the surgery she saw the handsome young doctor who headed her surgical team smiling down at her. She wanted to thank him, but could not talk. Her face started to turn blue, she raised her hand, trying to tell him something, but quickly died. The doctor was shocked, wondering what went wrong so suddenly.

When the doctor turned around to leave the room, he saw Tyrone, now a janitor at the Clinic, had unplugged the life-support equipment in order to plug in his vacuum cleaner.

If you thought that Tyrone had become a heart-surgeon, there is an extremely high likelihood that you will vote for Hillary.


Back Pattaya– 1 st Operation done

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and Pattaya – 1st operation at Siriraj Hospital completed – placed a stent in the right kidney artery and scheduled the operation for the left side on June 4th.   After getting on the table it was discovered that both kidney arteries were blocked and the medicine I was taking was actually making things worse.  In addition, because of the deterioration of the kidneys, the doctor decided the safest thing to do was one side at a time thereby reducing the use of the defining dye as it is not good for the kidneys either.  So we did just the right side this time.

  • Private hospital room and operation  ( 1 stent)                 
  • Air fare return trip from Chiang Mai to Bangkok
  • Longstay hotel – Pattaya  – 5 days  (included breakfast)
  • 4 – taxi trips from Pattaya Longstay hotel to Siriraj hospital 

Total cost 106,000 Baht       roughly $ 3,000

Next month I’ll have the left side done and the total cost will still be within the 250,000 Baht estimate the hospital gave me.   Remember when this all started Bangkok Hospital wanted 800,00 Baht for just one stent and 200,00 for each additional if needed.  I will also discuss with the doctor if it would be necessary to stent the artery to my left side which has resulted in different BP readings in both arms – maybe not needed – I hope so – but even if it is recommended the total cost will hover near 300,000 Baht     $8,300    3 – STENTS

I have already noticed a great improvement – As I mentioned above we did have to change the BP medicine but it has really dropped now and I feel normal again.  My right groin area is really heavily bruised right now – really black. but little or no pain – just a little sore.   The operation was painless and quick – 20 min. But I had to lay with my leg straight for 12 hours after the operation to make sure the artery was closed properly.   My back hurt more than my groin area –  All in all – great success so far and it should be a piece of cake to get the left side done in June.

Something’s fucked up with my phone and I can’t get the photos to d/l  – I’ll figure this out later and post them.


Back from Pattaya–Operation set

Sawadee Khrap

Took a trip to Pattaya with a Chiang Mai friend  – Jack  –  so I could go to the doctor in BKK  Siriraj Hospital and see about setting up the  dual stent operation. – I thought I would have at least 2-3 months waiting period but they booked it in 2 weeks  – May 7th. not even time for me to get all worked up.    Don, who lives in Pattaya, said he will go with me Saturday and Charlie will visit me in the hospital on Sunday – booked a private room in the hospital for the operation – it has a TV and sleeping room for guests.  Estimated maximum cost expected is only 300,000 Baht.  $8,500

IMG_4453we drove down in the Vitara and it performed beautifully, at IMG_4452Pattaya we booked into the “Longstay Hotel” – in the heart of  the Jomtien Beach area – very nice accommodations – 750 night and extremely convenient to everything here. 

IMG_4444HPIM1858-2We arrived on the last day of Songkran and drove into the thick of the water throwing along the Sukhumvit Hwy.   I did get to show Jack some of the local sites but he had no problem IMG_4448finding his own way and I think he is now planning one moving there – LOL.      The Gay Candy Store.     We took time to visited  Khao Chee Chan and surrounding area and very close  new attraction they are building – some kind of upside down and other cartoonish houses.

On the way back home we stopped at Sukhothai Historical Park and got some new shots of that area. We got there about 9AM and missed the tourist – great to almost have the place to ourselves to walk around.IMG_4470-PanoIMG_4463IMG_4479

Not too many photos – worried about the operation – will post after next week and see how everything is going.


Happy Songkran 2016 – Sawadee Pee Mai

Sawadee Khrap


HAPPY SONGKRAN 2016    HAPPY NEW YEAR       And Chiang Mai’s 720 year birthday.    

  NOT going out to the water fight this year – don’t feel like getting in the fray and particularly getting wet – although the weather has been hovering about 100-106 the last few days – Chiang Mai is the hottest place in Thailand – thank God the humidly is low so its tolerable.    So the above photo,  which was taken several years ago,  but looks very close to what it looked like today at Central Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center.    

Getting ready to go to Bangkok next week and get everything ready for the stent operation.Might as well get it over as I seem to be hovering right at the edge of being able to control the blood pressure with meds – any little thing right now will set it flying up.  Seem to be OK for  now but that could change next week.  So I’m going to drive down to Pattaya for a week and while there go to Siriraj Mahidol Hospital in BKK where I went several years ago and re-schedule the operation, estimated 2-3 mo. from now..


Watch what you eat !

Sawadee Khrap

What a eye-opener – for the last 2 weeks my blood pressure soared to the 190-200 level.   Went to the doctor and made several attempts to get it down – but to no avail – Damn – looks like a operation is in my future.   He did question whether I was watching my salt intake – I was limiting my diet to eating only fish with stirred fried kale and salads.  ???  healthy I thought.   But he put me on a sodium reduction diuretic and an additional blood pressure pill and finally some relief.    But I really had to take a look at what I was eating:   

  1. My healthy fish – it’s coated and fried in a sesame batter – actually contains a high percentage of salt in the batter
  2. Stirred-fried kale – this was fried in oyster sauce – again lots of salt.
  3. Greek salads – I was buying them at a restaurant and in checking I find they were using a commercial seasoning with MSG – again lots of salt. 

Wow, no wonder.  What I thought was healthy was definitely not and I paid the price.   Blood Pressure over the top. So for the last couple of days I’ve stopped these meals and now eat only specially prepared fried rice with vegetables and chicken and my oatmeal for breakfast.  Success.

Must have gotten up 6 times to pee at night –  but about 3AM this morning I felt the pressure start dropping – 150/70 this morning, coming down. Hopefully back to normal soon.  Got’ta drink lots of water, diuretics really dehydrate you – and that can cause symptoms like high BP – tinnitus, headaches, and light-headedness.  But soon I should be back on my regular regiment of Meds –  BUT in the future, closer control of my food intake.   Operation averted, at least for now.