Bristle Brushes

Sawadee Khrap

Started using the “Bristle brushes” in Photoshop for my paintings.  Much better control and effect.  This is a scene I saw on a recent trip a few weeks ago to “The Giant”  treehouse restaurant in Doi Saket, north of Chiang Mai.  A small coffee shop on the way had this display in their parking lot – just had to paint it.  Digital Acrylic Oil painting —  15 inch x 10 inch.Garden-Bike-web

P.S.   Went back with other friends yesterday and had car trouble, my 4 wheel drive unit locked up and I had to be towed back to the repair shop – still without a car so I had time to finished this painting I was working on – funny it was a scene from my last visit there – maybe a omen.


One thought on “Bristle Brushes”

  1. First of all, sorry to hear you had car probs. Hope won’t be too costly.. Do like the latest painting. Very interesting & a great job from the master of Photo Shop…

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