My path to recovery

Sawadee Khrap

This morning  I was really bored and not very joyous or happy.  God is Love and Joy and if I don’t see this in my life then I am not enjoying the relationship I’ve searched for.  Do I see them?    What obstacles and/or judgements do I have that block my seeing them?   

As I think back on my alcoholic recovery I see that it was also the beginning of my spiritual recovery.  Being a drunk was the only problem that I openly admitted I had – everything else I insisted that I was in control.  That attitude had to change.   I was the only one responsible for my conditions, not society, the church, parents, fate, or God – just my attitudes, habits and thoughts.

One great help in the Alcoholics Anonymous path was the writing of a gratitude list.  Love flows from gratitude and joy from love.  Just starting the list raised my spirits this morning as I began to see the blessings I had already received.  I can honestly say today that I did not plan on how I got here – I had no plan at all, every one of MY plans had failed me.  Turning my life over to a Higher Power, Christ in my case, and learning how to look, listen and do not judge was my salvation.   MY LIST IS EXTENSVE.

The second most valuable exercise is sharing with another our experiences, strengths and hopes.  As I have said before this blog is my way to share and it’s amazing it’s available in this virus lockdown.  Gratitude one – thank God for the Internet.  I trust and pray that all readers of the blog have outlets for sharing and motivation to prepare a gratitude list. It works for me and hopefully it may work for you.

It is also by this sharing that I realize that we are all ONE, each looking at the same problems through different perspective lenses.   What I couldn’t see others could and did.   Listening to their experience, strength and hopes contains the answer to mine.

God Bless   Ciao.

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