Pray to God for Understanding–hygiene for Illusion

Sawadee Khrap

Now that the Virus Pandemic is slowing down – Eugene sent me a strong text msg today.     “Be careful, it’s more dangerous now than when it all started. People are less scared and more eager to go out.  They’ve let their guard  down”   So TRUE and important to remember.

Pray to God, Holy Spirit for Understanding!!!  MY part in the illusion is to be honest and search out what grievances and judgments am I still holding  and unwilling to let go.   The TRUTH or Reality can only shine away the darkness if I bring them to the surface to be examined and released.  What I refuse to let go will bind me to the Illusion.   Look, Listen and Do Not Judge.  I need do nothing, but STOP what I have been doing to make the illusion seem true to me.

But, while I am bound to illusion, hygiene is the answer to a safe and happy dream.  A mask will be the symbol I can use to show LOVE and RESPECT to others, likewise with hand washing.  I may not escape the dream but I need not be a victim to it.  I can turn the illusion into one where I search for requests for Love or for Love itself – either way answering only with Love.  As close to Heaven as can be obtained in this Illusion while I discard all bound judgement for  a full return to Reality or God Himself.   What better use of my time here ?.

God Bless     Ciao