Damn it’s cold

Sawadee Khrap

WOW !!!  it’s really been cold for the last week.  12-14 C  each evening and with no heaters in the condo – my place has been getting colder and colder each night.

Today I started to open the oven and use it to at least take the chill off my condo. Thank God I have a great kitchen.  It Works great.

I really can’t believe how I have adapted to the hotter weather here.  When I was young and lived in Nebraska, walking to school at –20 C  was common place in the winter. We played outside too.  When I moved to San Francisco, 4C was bone chilling cold for me – BUT NOW  14 C is unbearable.  I run for the heaters.    26 C is the coldest I like.  Amazing.


One thought on “Damn it’s cold”

  1. Well, you are lucky & have the heat of the city to help. Its been 8 or 9 here at night. Just open the windows about 9 or 10 AM & close them around 4PM to make the most of the night temps. Do have a small space heater but not used it so far. Lek dose not like, So, just layer another layer of clothing & snuggle…. 5 5 5 In a few short months we will be bitching about the HEAT… 5 5 5
    Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To You………..

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