Tao Gardens–Team’s school –

Today is Team’s first full day at University for his Masters.  Left this morning at 7:30 and don’t expect him back till about 4:30.  Apparently there are only 5 students in the Toxicology class for Master Degree this year – one is a ladyboy and they have become friends and will be having lunch today  – I’ll show photos later.

Yesterday, I went to Tao Gardens Spa and got a Ultra Sound massage for my back – 1500 Baht – I felt the heat all the way home – 20 KM – and then put on the ice-pack again.   Getting better  – 113937today I walked to Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center and the exercise really helped  – I hope I will be somewhat back to normal in a week. 

Wednesday I will see the Cardiologist at Sriphat Hospital for a BP and stent check up and will ask about their Physical Rehabilitation Center – Ultra Sound treatments and therapy.   I think,  if I can, schedule a monthly session just for insurance to keep my back strong – of course I will have to develop a real daily plan of exercise for the back and using the Elliptical machine for Cardio..  Now that Team is in school I will take on most of the household duties and that will provide something to do and a start on a basic form of exercise.

Everything else seems to be going well –