Social Media

Sawadee Khrap

It’s amazing how “social media” controls our lives now, determines our news, and reflect how we feel.  Facebook for example – people put their most personal reflections here, open to the world,  at the expense of actually talking out their problems.  I’ve seem where employers use posts as criteria for hiring or firing employees.  Want to find out how someone actually feels about you or anything for that matter – check out their Facebook page, particularly if they dislike you – for example the latest postings about Trump’s win – so much hate and yet so far he hasn’t actually done anything. 

And as for personal feelings, by supposed friends or lovers , look and see how many times your mentioned or shown in photos in their posts – that’s a good indicator about how they actually feel – they may tell you one thing but what they post will really let you know how they actually feel.   Check out what they like or don’t like, its all there.   Personally I don’t like Facebook and only post here in my blog.

We need to get back to person to person communication – the internet is great for learning but even here you have to be extremely careful because it’s being clouded by false information.