Present Meds Update

Sawadee Khrap

Well I hope I don’t jinx the progress but so far I have had very stable blood pressure and feeling pretty good – no  ED to really complain about either.  The two stents seem to have done the trick – coupled with the new pill regime of:

  • 160 mg Valsartan     main blood pressure med
  • 5 mg Madiplot          extra control – BP
  • 10 Bestatian             Cholesterol control  LDL
  • 10-20 Cialis              ED aid – alternating 10/20mg
  • 5 mg Folic acid          Kidney
  • 75 mg Plavix              Blood thinner for stent
  • 83 mg Aspirin            Anti-clotting

This combination seems to be holding everything steady now – last check kidneys have stabilized and BP average 119/60  – getting strength back and will start a daily 20 min. workout on Elliptical machine in addition to daily walking – that should really help the blood flow. As always have to wait and check next month to see if it is still holding – hope so – would be nice to be able to relax now and enjoy my old age.

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