Looks like the family is broken up

Sawadee Khrap

Well it looks like the family has broken up – Pity, but the only way to really see if it will work is to start it and see how it proceeds.  I should have seen this earlier but I was blind to anything except it working. It seems we both have a different idea of what relationship, partner, or marriage means. Didn’t last long, but that’s for the best – it gets more painful the longer it goes on and promises are made and actions speak a different attitude. 

I also am seriously considering moving back to Pattaya – I think I can tolerate the warmer weather now that my BP is back to normal  and single life there has more to offer – Chiang Mai is a bedroom community and doesn’t have the large single sites  – especially for gay – like Pattaya does and many articles I have been reading state that living near the sea has added health benefits.  What a relief to have the BP under control  – should make it easier to get back to a normal life.


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  1. There is no such thing as a relationship with an older man and a much younger boy. A friendship is the best you will get if you are lucky. Think about it….

  2. Frank, my commiserations on the short-lived relationship. As you noted, finding out the incompatibilities early on is so much better than finding them 5-10 years on.

    As to Pattaya (again), have you considered that, at least in part, the heat and humidity of Pattaya may have contributed to the high BP?

    My ‘normal’ at home is 130/80. In Thailand, I have a history of BPs from 20 – 30 higher than my ‘normal’. In one case I was “tested” at 215/100 (yeah, right). An immediate re-test showed 160/80 which I put down to walking from the BTS and climbing external stairs into the hospital – and to my annoyance at the unrealistic reading..

    I was curious as to why I was getting these higher readings. After digging around on the internet, I found two possible causes:
    1. The automated machines in common use have a know error rate of up to 20%. Any mis-positioning of the arm inside the cuff exacerbates this.
    2. Nursing Aids (not qualified nurses) do not have adequate training in, or understanding of, the process they are required to apply to patients/customers. Human error.

    I have also found that I can “adjust” my BP by taking several very deep breaths and deliberately relaxing myself, a bit like an instant meditation. If there is any tension or emotion (dread, anger) in anticipation of a “bad” result, the ‘meditation’ exercise will help control that. During the test, do not allow yourself to be distracted from the ‘meditation’ by talking or thinking about other issues – stay focused.

    Whether you are right- or left-handed doesn’t matter as long as you always use the other arm for tests – your preferred arm can often be 25-30 points higher than the non-preferred, because you use it more.

    Yeah, yeah, maybe I am a know-it-all. But I have been there and done that – sharing experiences has to be a good thing for those who can benefit.

    Best wishes, Yraen.

  3. Sorry to hear, but if you come to Pattaya I will have a Farang friend again.
    Great health news. But not so great for mental health. Just be happy what ever path you take.

  4. Sorry about your relationship. It was good to have you in Chiang Mai where I also live, as you cued me in to many things. But I think you are right to move to Pattaya for the reasons you’ve given – and a change is as good as a rest.


    1. Ohh, I realize that but there are more things to do in Pattaya for a “SINGLE” guy – and now that my BP is down I have a lot more stamina – haha

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