Medical Update

Sawadee Khrap

For everyone following my medical adventure  – things have settled down.  Blood pressure seem to be stable 125-145 for the last month and kidneys functioning regularly.   No operation planned.    feel 20 years younger  —   Latest daily meds taken:

  • 1500 mg. Turmeric  – aides in clearing arteries.
  • 3000 mg.  Fish Oil   1000-Blackmore Omega Memo, morning,    2-1000 Regular Fish Oil other meals.  –   blood thinning, stroke control, Omega 3 control.
  • 5 mg. Folic Acid – kidney function.
  • 225 mg Irbesartan – Blood pressure control – relaxes arteries.
  • 7 mg Cialis – relaxes arteries, prostrate help, erection assist.

I have drifted away from the vegetarian regimen I was holding in Pattaya and am starting to feel more sluggish so I will try to go back to largely eating fruits and vegetables – greatly reducing my meat intake.   In addition,  I have increased my exercise program on the Elliptical cross country machine to 15 minuets at level 2 speed at 4-5 MPH – getting much better now – planning to get to 1/2 hr. at level 4-5 at 4-5 mph with intermittent high-intensity speed bursts.

So again I would like to add – if you are planning a medical vacation to Thailand – make sure you check out the Gov’t hospitals to see what their prognoses are before you commit to any treatment at any hospital – – insurance or not.   Do not be taken down the surgical operation path without looking at other alternatives – I am just very glad and blessed that I did not have insurance and had to explore other alternatives  when I was presented with the first findings at Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya.    It turned out that with exercise, good food, proper meds – I should be able to stay healthy without any surgeries.