Latest Twist in the Artery Saga

Sawadee Khrap

Over the last 2 weeks I have been preparing to go to Sirirja Hospital to restart the procedure to get a new stent operation scheduled.  First, I wanted to get some funds transferred from my US to my Thailand account to make sure I could fully cover the deposit needed and also have a blood test done to see where the kidney status was before I went to set the appointment – don’t want to ask again and then for any reason have to cancel – I am sure they won’t start it for me again a third time if I don’t follow through now.

At the same time I was told to reduce my Olmesartan dosage by half as I was having terrible ringing in my ears and not good control of the BP – so I cut it in half – 40mg to 20mg and amazing all bad side effects dropped in half – after 2 days my BP started dropping again – so I decided to cut it to 10mg and see what would happen – worse would be like missing a dose – next morning my BP was at 130/60 and I felt much better so I have continued this for the last several days – to my amazement my BP has been a steady 124 – 135, day and night – ringing is still there but less, and still some swelling in the feet – Blood test back and everything seems to be normal – need to monitor further to see if this is going to be a steady thing, – so for now don’t run to try and set the appointment until I am sure .    From this I can only guess that the high level dosages of meds they were giving me were based on my high anxiety levels and now with that under control the high amounts were causing more problems than fixing them. -  So now  10 mg Olmesartan, 7mg Cialis, 3000 Fish Oil and 5mg Folic acid —  everything working as I would want. – will see what the next month will show.

Perhaps it’s God’s intervention again – just received notice that my Mother is seriously ill in hospital and so I may need to return to the States to see her – at 94 her condition is really bad and they expect she may not make it past another month.   My stable BP now would allow me to return have still time to reset the stent appointment if still needed it later.  Checking into that now and we will be hopefully setting up a Skype call so I can talk to her face to face.