Please meet Notto

Sawadee Khrap


Pattaya can be a very lonely place if you visit here alone.  I was very lucky to meet “Notto” in Jomtien on the next to the last day of his visit to Pattaya – He had came by himself from Udon Thani for a weeks holiday before the school year starts again.  He had already seen the Jomtien Tower, Walking Street, before we meet at Jomtien beach.IMG_2243

     He mentioned that being here alone was not as exciting as he thought it would be – nor did he know any of the sites to see other than the common tourist ones – so I suggested the Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant at the Birds and Bees Resort  – Here’s a couple of shots as we went for lunch and a stroll on the beach there.  – embellished a little –Devil   I wish we’d had the time so I could have shown him Sai Kaew beach but he didn’t because of his flight home – so we had to settle for lunch -  then got him a taxi to go to the airport – He said he was planning on a visit later in the year and would let me know so we could plan a better itinerary for his next visit  – and get to see Nong Nooch, Tiffany’s Cabaret Show, and some of the other great sites here – Pattaya is more than just the beach.  Safe trip home – Sawadee Pee Mai – Notto


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  1. Frank: Notto seems very hot. There are lots of gay or gay-friendly straight people in Pattaya who come from Udon Thani or nearby and keep-up there ties to folks in UDH. So there is no excuse for Notto to be lonely in Pattaya. My boy friend (BF) is one of them, and always welcomes visitors from UDH to drop by for a week or more. Especially if they are gay and want to move to Pattaya to find a living situation, My BF also knows the subculture of the UDH restaurant scene in Pattaya. So if your friend NOTTO wants a restaurant job in Pattaya, I am sure it could happen very quickly. Dan

    Thanks Dan for the info – but Notto came for a short holiday from from school not looking for a job – BUT this is invaluable information for others that do come here looking for work – thanks again

  2. What a charming young man and what a beautiful smile that makes one feel happy just looking at it.

    When he come back again to Pattaya?


    In about 3 months – hopefully before I move back to Chiang Mai.

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