Sawadee Khrap

I spend a lot of time trying out new ideas -  and I see I haven’t posted any images for a long time so here’s the latest technique I am working on – Applying a wrinkled cover to posters and billboards.


I used this photo as an example  – I am going to start to do more full screen storytelling images going beyond my usual model portraits.  But I also need to practice producing realistic shadows, blends and distortions.

And here’s  a new technique I found on the web for a more artistic treatment of a standard portraitMG-7682-Edit-Dream – the modification of this technique is endless.

So many thing to test out and different approaches to learn – WOW what hobby.


One thought on “Testing”

  1. WOW!! You are right – ‘What a Hobby’. Love this new look & hope we will be seeing more of this….

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