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Sawadee Khrap

Just had a physical and they found that I have elevated blood Pressure.  Doctor wants to run a CAT scan to check the my arteries for blockage.  Much too expensive here in Pattaya so I am going to up North to have it done.  Hope to be back online soon


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  1. Frank – come on, up north MAYBE a bit cheaper? I swear by Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. They have kept me going at a fraction of USA, some times a cheaper option is counter productive! your health is everything! Hoping your findings and related see you well soon. as there aren’t many of us left in Pattaya! [I’ve used BHP in Sisaket and Nakon Sawan – same price]

    I’m going to post the whole story – as anywhere in the world you can find a good and bad experience, I know a Dr Ana in the Dermatology dept. and she is super great – that so far is the only extent of my past experiences with the hospital. But this visit really had me stinging. — read the whole story in a future post and everyone can come to their own conclusions
    *** advanced remark – in Chiang Mai, all the tests I needed, but it didn’t include a CAT scan, and everything cost me 10,000 Baht –.

  2. Wish you well. Ditto Mark’s comment.

    Thanks, Chris – but it is appearing the the doctor I went to is over reacting to push some expensive tests – we’ll see. But a second opinion will never hurt. Be back soon.

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