Not a cure–but maybe a reprieve

Sawadee Khrap

Due the the infection in my eyes, the stent operation had to be canceled for last Sunday – maybe another blessing in disguise.  So here’s the latest with my Blood Pressure and blocked arteries.

I was having problems with the Madiplot I was taking to lower the BP and Dr. Mongkol recommended that I try taking Valpress and eliminated the Madiplot medicine.  What a difference, Madiplot caused edema in my lower legs and didn’t really control the BP – Valpress, – now my BP has steadied at 125 – 140/66 for the last 2 days, eliminated the edema and other than some tinnitus everything seems OK.  I do have to take 200 mg twice a day, but hopefully that can be reduce to 180 when my body gets used to the stuff. 

Valpress relaxes the arteries and let them expand so effectively lowering the blood pressure – I my case, I believe that if the BP is lowered and is controlled than it could be possible that I need not fuck with the stent – but not sure about this and therefore on Monday I will be taking another blood test for Creatinine and BUN levels to see if the kidneys are functioning as normal now.  Wouldn’t that be a blessing.  Slowly the meds I am taking are being reduced, now I take only 3 a day  – Baby Aspirin, Valpress, and Apolets for blood thinning. They don’t fight each other and I am amazed how good I am feeling the last few days.  20 min exercise each morning – walking around the building – also helps keep my cholesterol in check – so far I don’t need the Bestatine either.

Now, I think all I have to do is exercise at least a minimum of 20-30 min every day – stay away from processed foods, mostly vegetarian diet (I do sometimes have have eggs and some occasional chicken), and fish at least twice a week – that should control the cholesterol levels to stop future blockage and then continue to take my  BP medicine.  Sounds simple and effective.  Should have done this years ago.


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  1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. You are the poster boy for lifestyle changes. Stick with it and take care.

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