Low activity lately

Sawadee Khrap

Since I’ve been focusing on my artery condition, I haven’t done any Photoshop or photos projects – the blog is beginning to look like a geriatric journal – sorry – I need to spice it up with some exciting images of some new, erotic and handsome young men.  Since I haven’t had any photo shoots lately I chose this older shot to kick it off and get back on track.  I have talked to a new model and hope to have !_LL_Paper3some new images shortly –  Devil,  – I have to find something to do while I wait for my appointment at the surgery table -  it should also be a good test as to how well the blood pressure medicine is working -  I’m sure these guys will cause my BP to climb – Do you have the same reaction ?


3 thoughts on “Low activity lately”

  1. Maybe after all the time you’ve spent with PhotoShop, you just need a little R & R….. And yes, I can’t wait to see more of this new one… 5 5 5
    Lek’s family is here for a few days, so it’s quite interesting, to say the least….
    Hope to hear more good words about your BP, know it’s been rough on you.

    Thanks Jim — seems to be working out OK — and of course taking photos “IS” my R & R.

  2. Yes Welcome back.

    Thanks Chris — hope to do the next shoot this coming week – back to as close to normal as I can get

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