Camera died after Son & Kevin’s shoot

Sawadee Khrap

Got back from the beach with Son & Kevin and had a short photo shoot – then problems with the 7D – apparently some water entered the body at Sai Kaew Beach and shorted out the motherboard – at least that is what the camera repair tech thinks from first look – hoping to have it back in 2 weeks – maybe just in time for New Year’s parties.  Anyway !!!


Maybe next year I can get them back for a better session – I have my Excella Flash setup up for sale and if I sell it I will purchase a set of LED light boxes  – in confined space I think they will work better than the Casa 250’s.   The flashes are very strong and in tight spots really easy to develop hot spots in the images – with light banks I should have more better luck .


2 thoughts on “Camera died after Son & Kevin’s shoot”

  1. Oooopps…. Me thinks maybe something other than ‘water’ got to the mother board…? Hope ya get if fixed soon….

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