Home Sickness

Sawadee Khrap

Home-sicknessI know many boys who have had the chance to visit other countries and live there a short time – but always looking out side  – It was not Thailand.  Home sickness was always there – it’s a common saying here   “You can take the boy out of the bar but you can never take the bar out of the boy”  – the same is with anyone’s home land – home sickness, however small, is still there.  Culture, landscapes, sights and sounds, smells linger in the mind -  The image above showing a Thai boy staring out the window to what could be a European or Western setting reminds me of this and my own occasional feelings.    Agree ?


One thought on “Home Sickness”

  1. I agree. I think it’s human nature to keep a special place in your heart for wherever home is.

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