Detailed painting

Sawadee Khrap

This is my most detailed painting so far – nearly 20 hours work went into it.  Especially the detail on the walls – that was a bitch.  Every painting, or photos for that matter, should tell a Model_13_Photo_11-Edit-CC oil paint -2014 finalstory – In this one,  I left the story up to you. Who or what is he waving to – is it good bye or something else. – who’s room is this ????   many question – what do you think? 

As you can probably see, I’m having trouble doing hands – damn, just cant get them right so far – practice, practice, practice, I guess.  Too bad the initial focal point of this painting that I wanted to direct the eye  IS  the hand – I’ll do better the next time.  This is also a 20×16 Digital Acrylic Painting.  I haven’t started to explore the oil texture painting capabilities which will produce actual 3D appearing brush strokes – similar to Impasto techniques – this my next challenge.  Right now,  I,m just trying to get control of my brush techniques.  But I am getting better.


One thought on “Detailed painting”

  1. It would appear this young man was just awakened by his overnight guest leaving. He furtively waves goodbye, but is not acknowledged. Oh Well !

    That would appear reasonable –

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