One thought on “Teach only Love because that is what you are”

  1. Dear Frank,
    I was sorting through a stack of business cards and tossing out
    many. Your card intrigued me on several counts. I read your
    entire blog.
    Are you the Frank in the photography group in Chiang Mai?
    Yesterday I was told that I have cataracts in both eyes and need
    surgery. I felt for some time that I was losing my eyesight . It
    is a shock.

    Re your paintings, would that be a way for me to earn a living?
    I have over 2000 black and white negatives and over 2000 color
    slides from 50 years of travel to 24 countries. I have given 2000
    slides to colleges and museums and threw thousands away.
    I have had many shows of my photography and also my acrylic
    paintings in California and two in Chiang Mai.
    I am now retired, however I was a Real estate developer in California.
    Condominiums and luxury medical suites and offices.
    For many years I spent evenings developing black and white in
    the darkroom.
    At 86 i do not know photoshop. Is it difficult to learn?? Is there a market for the paintings here or would I send them to a gallery in California?
    Let me know. Cheers, Joyce
    My e-mail is

    Thanks Joyce for the comment – Yes , I am the same photographer but now I live in Pattaya – I have sent you a private email to answer your specific questions – As for Photoshop – the learning curve for full proficiency can be quite long – however to explore Jack Davis Paint technique can be done by getting his tutorials – at Creative Live hope this helps.

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