Will this ever be completed ?

Sawadee Khrap

Last week I was waiting to hear from a heart doctor in Chiang Mai and got the news that it would still be better to have it done in BKK – Damn back to where I started – He said he doesn’t understand why the high pricing now in CM but expects it is just because they can – “tourist trade” is catching on all over Thailand  –  local Thai’s would have to wait at the local Gov’t hospitals and he thinks that BKK would be as good and I would not have the plane and hotel fees to pay on top of the operation – So off to BKK I went.

First to King Chulalongkorn Hospital – took the bus from Pattaya to BKK (2hr  124 Baht) then a taxi to Chula – (1/2 hr  200 Baht)  not bad, got there about 11 – what a zoo – there must have been over 1000 people there – got in line and was at the information desk in 1/2 hr.  Lady there told me to comeback at 6:30 AM next day so I could  be in the front of the daily queue  – so I stayed over night and went in the morning.   Back in line  #58, going well, everyone told me that my Thai Drivers License would be sufficient – for the next 2 hrs stood in 3 lines and finally got to the photo taking one – there I almost passed out because of the heat and was told that I couldn’t go any further because I needed to have my Passport, -  DL won’t do.  Shit   Went home and would start again.   That evening I talked to a doctor at a hospital in Sir Racha – his hospital charges the same as BKK but he suggested that I go check out the other big Gov’t Hospital Siriraj in BKK -  better service , better staff and less patients.

So Wednesday I headed to Siriraj Hospital – left Pattaya by bus and taxi – didn’t want to be last in line so I left at 4 AM got there at 8AM — He was right  – started in line and was helped with everything by a “very cute” intern pre-med student – he walked me through the entire procedure and by 10:30 had my appointment with a cardiologist set – 6PM Friday.  Finally, would talk to a doctor and get pricing, schedules and exactly what would be needed. —-  what a relief.    The doctor in Sir Racha was right – about 1/2 the number of patients, – excellent friendly staff,  -pre-med students support, – pricing I am told same a Chula -  Tomorrow afternoon I will go again to Siriraj.     More news as it happens.

When this is over I will have gained a complete comprehensive view and education on getting medical care in Thailand – that is Gov’t Hospital care at reasonable pricing.  I’ll post my findings here for your benefit.


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  1. Hi Frank, sounds like your going through a real nightmare. Even with airfare and travel costs wouldn’t it be better to go back to the USA and have Medicare take care of it? There are many “gold plus plans” offered by all the major healthecare companies that cover all of part A and B and Rx costs that Medicare does not include(these are not the old supplemnents). I have Humana GlodPlus plan in Florida at no extra cost. Jerry joined this plan over the Internet in Thailand last year when I told him about it.
    You sure don’t need the stress of finding medical solutions when your having heart issues. I wish you the best and I keep you in my prayers.
    See you for lunch at Cabbages and Condoms in a few weeks.

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