Photoshop Fun + Great PS Tutorials

Sawadee Khrap

Here are a couple of new PS works – just for fun, Kong wanted something to show his horoscope symbol and I thought a modified SAM_0434-Rec-Picese2Roman Gladiator would be fun too (this was a exercise in getting the skin to match between images used in the composition – .SAM_0434-Roman-2   But this also lets me note a couple of great Photoshop Experts and their training classes or DVD’s


First   Mr. Ben Willmore – His explanation of how to use the “Curves” adjustment layer for matching colors is a God send.  Check out his tutorials on Kelby Training

Second is another great instructor on Photoshop  Mr. Aaron Nace at  —  His use of adjustment layers to blend, color match, and make composites is I think the best out there.  Check out his PHLearn Pro video tutorial series for compositing

With these two video collections – your ready to tackle any composite task — Check them out if you’re  interested in Photoshop.