New Masseur at Somjit–Tukcom

Sawadee Khrap

Say hello to “Fluke”, or better yet come down and get a massage, foot or oil, at Somjit Massage on the side of Tukcom.  084 093 6809

IMG_0630-EditHere’s a shot I took with the G15 camera when I went to get a massage last week – meet Fluke and had a wonderful massage.  This photo was taken in the shop – actually as he was giving me a foot massage – then the background was added in post. Lovely smile.



She, Khun Somjit – Owner, has a great group of guys there to serve you – need a massage stop by – you won’t be disappointed.



4 thoughts on “New Masseur at Somjit–Tukcom”

  1. I have got massages here many times, somjit is always interested to here if the massage was good. All but one time I had a very good massage with offers at the end for the all mighty happy ending.

    The one time the massage was not good, she ask, as always, how was massage. I told her in a polite way that is was not as good as all the others. On my next visit a few days later she told me thank you for the honesty, and also shared she had to let that massage boy go because he didn’t know how to do a good massage.

    I know many would expect compensation, but my compensation is she knows I am a repeat customer, and she now picks the massage boy for me, saying he is very good, and so far, they have been above average. So I am happy knowing my polite complaint is being answered by her watching out for me. I won’t have to worry about getting a newly hired boy now.

  2. some great guy s here but beware many that work here are not gay they have girlfriends and wives
    they had me in and out in 35 mins they are more interested in the tip ….that they never got

    have not been back since there are a lot better in the same area . I mention it to the owner but
    she was not interested

    1. great comment and true to the point when I was there
      the boy just wanted to lye with me I told him twice I
      pay for massage after the third time I got dressed and
      left …. true the guys just look for a tip but then this is
      pattaya typical owner never listen until its too late
      and yes there are a lot better places and if the boys
      really are that good then name them

  3. I been to somjit massage many times and always had the best massage ever, the boys are friendly and give their all to make the customer happy,

    Thanks for the comment – Somjit has many great boys working for her, including Fluke – I am going to see if he will pose for me too.

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