It’s called “Frustration”

Sawadee Khrap

All primates are the same – at times “Frustrated”  – Don, Pat and myself took a trip North to visit the zoo today.  I never saw it more evident than this series of shots I took at the entrance to the Aviary at Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi (I have a earlier post with slideshow of photos I took at the zoo – check it out ). 

Next to the car parking area I saw these monkeys atop a cage roof  – I think the photos speak for themselves.IMG_0489IMG_0490IMG_0491

           Kind’a says it all

IMG_0492I didn’t even have to modify these shots – Mother Nature at it’s best.  So the next time you get a guilt feeling wanking your willie – just think of these normal primates.

By the way it’s the best Aviary I have seen and not too far from one of the best birding areas in Thailand “Bang Phra No-Hunting Area.  Didn’t take a lot of photos so this is all I got.

And at the No-Hunting area – (they have birds and animals too) – Don ran into this fella.IMG_0475IMG_0476

  Hornie also  – Or maybe it’s matting season – In any event  this guy liked to have his back scratched and would turn around and press his back to the cage so you could scratch him.  Go get him Don.