Thailand’s Got Talent 2012

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Kevin for sending me the links to several “Thailand’s Got Talent” auditions.  I really liked these:

Capture I bet you didn’t expect this one, usually I don’t put the girls in but this is an exception !   Don’t you agree?

Or this guy :

and his final:  or this singer: or

many others listed in YouTube.   I don’t have the finals of 2012

ThailandsGotTalent   I am always amazed by the talent here in Thailand and most are self taught, coming from small villages throughout Thailand.  I wish they had English sub-titles , but talent is talent and quality is apparent in any language.  As for beauty, I hope my photos are doing justice to the many gorgeous young men just here in Pattaya.


One thought on “Thailand’s Got Talent 2012”

  1. Take it easy Frank, do I see a straight attacks coming on?
    But seriously I agree and often mention to U.K. folks how beautiful both male and female Thai are with such intense beauty,dark hair and tanned smooth skin.
    The videos are real good, an athletic artistic performance by a fine looking young man.

    I am always amazed at the talent shown on these programs, I am tired of having to look at the sons, daughters, or other relatives playing off the notoriety of the original no matter how great they were – I always want to see new talent and not just a knock-off (we have a lot of those in Thailand) – and Thailand has some remarkable young artist – not to mention China, Asia, etc.

    As for the straight attacks – well those have always been there and I don’t think any of them will take a close enough look to actually see what is there. Thanks Chris for commenting.

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