Photoshop filters – Mood changers

Sawadee Khrap

I am always amazed at the power of  Photoshop filters to change the mood of any photo.  By changing the hues or adding textures enormous mood swings can be accomplished.  MG_8257-CraquelureMG_8257-LUT-Candlelight-EditVictor commented on the great site – Stonehenge – in Nong Nooch post.  I am going back to get more shots, early and late in the day which will add directed lighting for enhanced shadows and definition.  MG_8257-LUT-FoggyNight-EditMG_8257-LUT-DvLink-RBY-EditYet here is just a couple of Photoshop filters on a shot I took in almost midday – what a impact.  1. Craquelure, 2.-LUT-Candlelight, 3. LUT-Foggynight, and 4. LUT-DvLinkRBY.  by merely adding specialized filters.

Of course, having a erotic, sexy young man as a model in the shot can only add to the excitement.  So on to bigger and better things.


One thought on “Photoshop filters – Mood changers”

  1. Great Photo shop works on the Stonehenge photo. They all look so much better than my experience there at mid-day. That was why I went back at night, much cooler and easier on the eye. I like the 1st one the best for the greens.
    I just remember, my friend told me it is very beautiful at the Vine Alley in May, right after the rainy season, when all the vines flower there. It is quiet but again not much shade there.

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