Nong Nooch Revisited–Rimpa Lapin

Sawadee Khrap

Just had a great day out – Pat is back from Ireland for a visit, Randy is getting ready to leave on another trip, Don is using his camera more and so we decided to visit Nong Nooch Garden again.  Here’s a couple of shots Randy took:             IMG_1917IMG_1952IMG_1992IMG_2019IMG_2008First we went to the Gardens and after we went to Rimpa Lapin Restaurant (see older post) for dinner at sunset.  Wonderful day, great friends, extremely handsome young men (check out the slideshow for some examples) , locations and other wonders to see.

Here’s a      *******    SLIDESHOW    *********    of the day at Nong Nooch.  Enjoy

Note:  Want to retire – make it Thailand


2 thoughts on “Nong Nooch Revisited–Rimpa Lapin”

  1. I think the Stonehenge area is tricky to photograph. Most often that area is too sunny during the day. It gives a too high contrast and too much shadow sometimes. I think very early morning will be great time or during sunset.

    I am going to try some filter variations on some of the shots I took to see what can be done in Lightroom or Photoshop – I’ll post them soon — I am also planning on another trip to Nong Nooch later next month – hopefully better photos them – Thanks for the comments.

  2. I enjoyed the Nong Nooch slide show very much. It has been almost 7 years since I last visited the garden. Last time I stayed there for 3 nights. During the morning, have a nice walk before the tourist poured in, then went to the vine alley to research the climbing plants collection, then watch the elephant show and fed the animal and played with the birds. It was a lot of fun. Then at night after dinner and have a walk under the stars alone at the stonehenge while everybody slept.

    Thanks Victor I plan to go back very often and make use of the great photo setups, Stonehenge, for example – closeup, wide angle, low light and then use them for backgrounds with my models – or better yet take the boys there and include a great day with the shoot.

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