Nong Nooch again

Sawadee Khrap

I didn’t realize what a great photographer’s venue this is, I see what Victor was talking about in his comment on the last Nong Nooch post.  Pat and I went in the morning and concentrated just on the area as you drive in.  _MG_8104-Edit    Here is the lower entrance gate with the ants – and then the _MG_8199lower orchid area and clay pot sculptures and the tigers area, they wanted 100 Baht for a photo with them – we passed this up and went on to eat at the lower restaurant – great cooks and food – prices were also very affordable._MG_8130_MG_8128   _MG_8234Then on to the  Stonehenge gardens – here is another great  photographic area.  All the sites had such vivid colors and the place was immaculate, flowers all trimmed and attended to.  Pat remarked what a great place for wedding photos and there were several couples taking advantage.  _MG_8278  I had asked CDRom is he and his brother could come with us but they had worked all night and couldn’t make it – next time – we stayed until a little after noon when it started to heat up and then left – I will come back and see what it is like at night time as Victor stated in his comment as I do intend to frequent this place  – with the boys if possible.  I am planning on doing some Photoshop work using some of these shots as backdrops with the erotic boy images.   Anyway here is a image slideshow of the day:

******* SLIDESHOW *******

_MG_8334Hope you have a chance to visit this great site when you come to visit Pattaya – Amazing place, for old and young alike.


2 thoughts on “Nong Nooch again”

  1. I am so glad you went back to have a wonderful experience at Nong Nooch. I think the morning light is really special and the plants are most happy during that time, so that is why the photos are so beautiful as a result!
    Night time is such an extraordinary experience. The garden is closed to the outsider. There is the 1st gate guard to pass, then driving with no street light at all for 10 minutes with huge palm trees on both sides of the road in the dark, spooky! Then entering the 2nd gate with reception and then along the lake. Then of course I stayed there in the guesthouse and can just walk to the Stonehenge.
    There is a nice little area of a thai house pavilion constructed on water. You can see it when you go on the Sky Walk towards the direction of the Floating house near the lake. I think it would be wonderful to take some photos of the boys there again in the morning as late afternoon maybe too glare from the water reflection.

    Great idea – I haven’t been there early morning or late evening, that I will have to try and bringing a young man with me is a must – I will post again more shots there – great venue

  2. Frank,
    So happy to see you do enjoy this place, I too was confused when we talked after your first visit, and you said you were not that impressed with this place. Looking forward to more photoshop/photograpy work.

    Ya, this was one of those places that when I visited the first time it was extraordinarily hot and humid so we only checked out the immediate area close to the parking lot and left thinking it was just another tourist trap – boy, what a mistake – going back several times now I am extremely impressed and would recommend it to any and all who visit Pattaya. — hope to have some good backgrounds from my latest visits, backgrounds that add to the models but non related to Noon Nooch itself. Thanks Mark for the comment.

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