Birthday time – 72

Sawadee Khrap

Well I just made 72, planning on another grand slam Boy-Bar party when I reach 80, so hang in there – I’ll try.  The Last one at 70 at Adam’s Apple Chiang Mai was a great success. 

I was going through my images this morning (raining out side – can’t go to beach) and came across these two I took in old Chiang Mai – thought you might like seeing them too.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether you’re looking at a boy or girl without a specific manual test – here’s a perfect example _MG_6944-Edit– I thought this was rather sexy and actually could hang on anyone’s wall, but if you look closely you can see what I am talking about – but there is a dead give-a-way – spot it.

And for the leather fans – here’s one I liked but never posted_MG_3017-2 before.  Needless to say this photo session was a lot of fun too.




Reminiscing, I guess that’s what birthdays are for.




Well not raining now – off to the beach.




One thought on “Birthday time – 72”

  1. Frank ! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday. You should have wished for the rain to go away… I think soon we will be in winter season, and the rains will mostly stop.

    Oh, I like that photo where you are not sure of gender… at first I thought you were being more diverse and posting a sexy young woman, but then like you said, there is a clue.

    Very nicely done photo for sure !

    555 hahaha You caught it —

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