Aod stopped by

Sawadee Khrap

Aod stopped by yesterday and we had a little Photoshop fun.     Got some new photos and showed him the emails that you guys sent in US-Apt-Aod-1

about his  previous images  – he really liked them and says he looks forward to meeting you when you visit Pattaya next time and will send you a email back.  Be sure and look for him on Jontiem Beach.



2 thoughts on “Aod stopped by”

  1. Would be good to meet, give me an opportunity to buy a drink for one of the communicators that help to sustain us during the prolonged exodus from the wonderful Thai culture.
    Perhaps you could e mail t.m.a. before 8/8.

    OK Chris will do Love to meet you while you are in Pattaya Frank

  2. What a fun picture. Super hot yes, but also very innovative photo work.
    Thank you.
    Hope to get lucky in four weeks.

    Thanks Chris — be sure and send me a email before you arrive – love to meet you

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