Nong Nooch Garden’s Culture Show

Sawadee Khrap

A friend, Ton,  was in Pattaya to celebrate his birthday, and as a gift I took him to Nong Nooch to see the Garden and Culture Show. We arrived about 10AM but I’d forgot about it being a Saturday and the _MG_0115place was well packed. – buses of tourist already there.  We went and got some drinks and at 10:30 went to the 10:45 Culture show, by that time the bleachers were filled and only a place high and in the back was _MG_0106available.   Oh well – next time down front.   I’m very glad I always carry the  200 mm lens on the camera – regular camera’s would take such tiny photos you would have difficulty seeing what was going on.  I did have to shoot about ISO 5000+  so there is a lot of grain in the shots but I think you_MG_0036 can still see with decent  clarity what the show was like – great show.


After this culture segment we then had to go to the elephant circus area – but being the last to leave the stage area we were also the  last to get seating at the elephant show – way in the back again  – not any decent views for photos, so I didn’t take any  – oh well – next time.    Now I know how to get around now.   Enjoy the show!


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  1. Enjoyable pictures, as always! I’ve been thinking of replacing the old camera and will take a look at the D7, thank you. Low light or night photography is a favored challenge of mine (not much of a flash fan) and I like the show shots!

    Thanks – the D7 is a great camera – especially low light – same sensor as it’s big brother the Mark 1 but not full frame – that I don’t care while it has a attractive price. All my night and show stuff is shot – no flash, 3200 to 6400 ISO and then use Lightroom/Photoshop to remove unacceptable noise – you’ll love it. Just read a great tutorial NY outdoor people/event photographer Jay Maisel and he always shoots bracketed 1600 ISO (using a Mark1) and is praised for his candid shots- poster size. by

  2. Brilliant photos with such clarity! The cultural show has so many dances, they really out did themselves. I love the brightly coloured costume.

    Thanks Victor The Canon D7 with the 17-200 IS zoom is a great combination, relativity low noise at almost 3200 ISO – these photos were shot at 5000 and I used Lightroom to reduce the noise – As you can see for taking handheld shots in low light without a flash – it’s great. We were in the very back of the theater, and no flash would have worked there plus all my images of shows are done without flash – I hate it when someone is in the audience and their flash keeps going off – normally they are too far away anyhow, but next time I will make sure to get closer- Thanks again for the comment.

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