new Model – Ink

Sawadee Khrap

Introducing “Ink”   Maybe you’ve seen him around  Jontiem Beach ! Great model and super nice guy.





I have been toying with the idea of putting a password-protected area around many of the images I post, making them available only to those who post comments – but the last post of Tom’s photos drew 5 comments so I will not burden you guys with this inconvenience – but please try to post comments so I know someone cares and wants to see more of the great local Pattaya young men.  That’s my inspiration – beyond the boys that is.



3 thoughts on “new Model – Ink”

  1. Old man (photofunia) is so funny, I love it.

    Glad you caught that Mark – great site but they don’t allow nudity – so I have d/l versions that I can use in Photoshop and use any photo I want. Thanks for the comment too.

  2. Very handsome model and great photo work as usual. What an amazing abundance of beautiful young men Pattaya offers.

    Thanks Chris for the compliment and the abundance is for sure –
    Many work in the bars or are Go-Go dancers in the many clubs – Sunee, BoysTown, PattayaLand, there must be at least 800 to 1,000 actively working every night, not sure if they are ever counted. I have a great resource for models – some want personal photos but most I need to pay (small amount but never-the-less it adds up) for modeling – however, I never intended to sell my photos so I don’t ask for a model release. Therefor it is necessary to obtain their approval before I can post the images or offer any prints. But I do not make xxx images, but try to make exotic, erotic images of the beauty of the male figure.

  3. Well done again Frank
    Images and work keep getting better and better
    Will see you soon

    Well thanks Pat – looking forward to your return

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