Beauty Hunter–David’s Blog is back on

Sawadee Khrap

BeautyHunterDavid, in London, got his Google Blog “Beauty Hunter” back up and running.  It was shut down for some unknown reason by the censor gods of Google.  He’s got a post about it so I won’t elaborate here.  Welcome back David and all the luck keeping it up. (pardon the pun)


One thought on “Beauty Hunter–David’s Blog is back on”

  1. Hi Frank, Thanks for the mention and linking up. I’ll just go and link up as well.

    Loved the ‘Poi Sang Long’ slideshow. So many shots! You must have been clicking away real fast!

    Cheers, David.

    Thanks David and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Glad to see your site back up and running – I am going to try and mahe the Poi Sang Long at Wat Pao Pao over Monday through Wednesday – hope to have photos.

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