Big Brother coming more alive – Skype

Sawadee Khrap

Is Big Brother flexing his arms ????    –  Since Skype was bought by Microsoft, it has made it impossible to shut off automatic upgrades – NOW, in the latest upgrade, it is configured so that you cannot shut it down after it is loaded  – just being able to minimize it to the taskbar.  (but you can go to the Task Manager and shut it down there).      What kind of shit is this.

I am also allowing Microsoft to automatically upgrade my Win 7 – now the question arises as to exactly what they are up-dating?????  It used to be bad in the past as to how they wanted to control data over the Internet but now it is becoming very apparent that they intend to really control and load what ever they want on your computer  – WHEN THEY WANT TO.

I believe I will need to shut off all automatic upgrading to make sure that programs and email addresses and such are not sent to “The Big Boy”.  That may mean changing to another phone program -  at least for the time being I am not going to load Skype until I need to make a call.