Photoshop retouch–save that photo

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a comparison of some Photoshop work – the shot in the left is the original one of a young monk taken by a friend of mine.  The background was awful and focus and slant of the subject was way off. Also see the light dot in the middle of his robe.



Quite a difference – amazing what Photoshop can do –


2 thoughts on “Photoshop retouch–save that photo”

  1. look at left behind boy – do you see shadow from his head? the same with chair – chair must makes shadow on wall if wal is close to chair… if you expect impression “wall is far from chair and no shadow is laying” – then you should to blure wall – it should be “not in focus”

    The background (wall) is slightly blurred from the original – perhaps not enough.

    P.S. You have a very sharp eye and I would love to see some of your work – I’m assuming you do quite a bit of photography and retouching. Do you have any posted or a website. It would be great if you have images of some of the Pattaya boys – hope you photograph them. I will also make sure a link to your massage studio is added to the blog – Nice website – I will be sure to stop by the next time I am in Pattaya Thanks again for the comments

  2. It is very draft changes – you forgot about shadows: they must be on wall from chair, as well wall behind chair should become more darker in direction from top to bottom…

    For more precise – you should to choose background with the same direction of light\shadow as at main picture. Look: shadows on boy are from light which come from top-right corner, but shadows at background are coming from light from top-left corner.

    Thanks Moses – very observant – I did not consider the shadows on the wall as I pictured the chair somewhat farther away so no shadows would result from the chair on the wall itself – but the light shadows on the wall I did not consider at all – I see what you mean and I also see I have a lot to learn – thanks for the critique, I really appreciate it.

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