Windows 7 – back on line

Sawadee Khrap

Just had my video card die and when it did it corrupted 2 of my drives.  What a mess – So I had to reload the entire system.

Loaded Windows 7 RC 64 bit OS ———   seems to be working great, much more stable than Vista and it recognized all necessary drivers, except for the scanner.  Got most of my files back from backup images of the old drives – problems reading them but I did manage to recover the major items.  My Adobe programs seem to run better and the new video card really makes the difference – I thought I was having camera problems – blurry images  – but it was apparently the card.  Thanks God……    Win 7  also has a built in monitor calibration program, that really did a super job of setting up my monitors.

Looks like I have house-cleaning work to do on the blog now – a couple of problems on viewing the blog has been reported  – so I’ll try to fix them now.