Novice Monks – Wat Suan Dok

Sawadee Khrap

NoviceMonks1Sunday and Monday were filled with picture taking at Wat Suan Dok.  52 young men from very young to their 20’s were ordained as Novice Monks.  I took a lot of shots and New used the video.  He will make a DVD of the event, both for practice and for the Temple.  He’s starting a small business of video and photos so this is a good starting project – hopefully I may be able to post it . – I’ll try

The day begins with the boys getting their head and eyebrows shaved then into the white novice robes for the ordination.  After being ordinated they then put on the traditional orange robes.  The final part of the second day is when they receive their bowels – each morning they will leave the temple to walk the local neighood to receive the offerings from the people – what they receive is what NoviceMonks2NoviceMonks3they have to eat.  It is a lesson in dependence and humility – something we in the West I think have lost with our children.  Most will be here for at least the following month.

This is a quick post and so I don’t have a lot of information to add – just the sideshow:




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  1. Hi Frank…Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos for that awesome ordination ceremony. It is indeed a wonderful exercise in humility for the young ones. Mohamed.

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