Love Catcher

Sawadee Khrap

I was just going through some old photos and here’s a great shot I made LoveCatcherwhile visiting the “The Red Rose” motel in Chiang Rai last year.  I thought this was really funny but very appropriate for a ‘short time hotel’ as the Red was then. 

Now place has been completely redone and in my mind, nothing of its former glory. No longer touted as a short timer, It’s now a “family theme motel”, tame and not as exciting – unless you take your kids there, I’m sure they will enjoy it.   We liked it the first time we went but there were many choices to choose from for room themes – some adult in nature – times change, businesses need to cater to a different audience.

Nothing like telling it as it is – “Love Catcher”

Here the older post link to the former glory of the “Red Rose”