Mike’s Burgers – Kad Suan Kaew

Sawadee Khrap

On last Saturday we went to the new Mike’s Burgers in the Shopping Center at Kad Suan Kaew right down the street from our Condo.  Our friends Pong and Brian ( Brian used to own the full franchise but sold and Pong’s bought this site.)


 Brian and Pong sponsor the up to 13 year-old soccer team for the Vieng Ping Orphanage in Chiang Mai —— many of the boys have HIV or came from families destroyed by HIV when their parents died from it.   They are in their new uniforms and being treated to burgers, fries and cokes — They love it, most asked for seconds  and we had a great time.  Maybe I’ll get to go to one of their matches and get some shots later – or Brian can give me some shots and I’ll post them.