Computer down

Sawadee Khrap

Well it finally happened to me – power went out and corrupted the computer – classic – no UPS.  I did have a slightly old Acronis True Image backup clone of all the drives so I used it to restore the system and get running again.  Had to buy a new hard-drive to use as “C” and then used the Acronis program to restore – worked great – now all I have to do is to bring everything up to date. 

Gonn’a set things up differently now and make more frequent backups of the drives – especially “C”.  Keeping it up to date will mean I don’t have to do as much catchup as now.  Plus I am sure I will get a UPS to make sure I don’t have a power problem again.

Should have everything back to normal – or at least as close to normal within a couple of days.  But, dammit, I will have to completely reload Sims2 — that involves 9 DVD’s – at least 3–4 hr to set it up again — This time I’ll make sure that a backup is made right away so I have the major core file backed up – I was testing the program and didn’t include it in the old Acronis clone – damn – that was costly – but not fatal.

Well back to work


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  1. Now I feel bad, I’ve visited here and found several posts and not one comment from ME 🙂 So, congratulations on having enough sense to make a backup of everything and getting back to computing so fast. I also see you have rented a house? WaYYYYYYYY cool!!! Congratulations on that too, looks like a beautiful place. And what you gonna do with all that room? At least when we come to visit I know our room will be ready, hahaha! Seriously, we are very happy for you on your move, that has to be a relief from condo life.

    The room will always be open for you and Vickar – just a day notice so we can change the bedding. hahaha! I will try to post on the progress of the house – but we move next week and I will not have internet for a while until I get the phones lines set up. Can’t get high speed right away so I will put in a dial-up – slow, slow, slow – back to the stone age again, but at least I will be able to post and get emails. Most of our stuff Nu has already packed in boxes for the move – we’re almost ready. I did take some photos of the re-construction of the kitchen so I will post them tomorrow. – BUT always thanks for the comments – even belated ones. 🙂

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