Toothless for a day

Sawadee Khrap

Or almost tooth-less – yesterday I had to leave my lower plate at the dentist so he could insert a new plastic tooth to fill the gap where my bad tooth was before he pulled it today. 

Everything went without a hitch – tooth gone, denture seems to fit OK – Tylenol seems to be keeping the pain under control.  But that only leaves me with 2 teeth left – lower left side to anchor the lower plate in.  That’s the price I pay for not really taking care of them during my drinking days – now old age and close to gumming my food – not a happy thought.  But the whole thing only cost me 1400 Baht – that’s US $40 – for extraction, plate work and all followup – try that in the States.

I’m trying to impress on Nu that proper care today will save his for tomorrow – but here in Thailand the boys don’t even think of seeing a dentist until their about 21 or so and most have terrible problems and cavities – He was not an exception – the first time he saw a dentist is when I took him and he needed quite a lot of work.

So sorry I don’t have any great thing to post today –




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  1. Frank, How odd, as most of the boys appear to have nice white teeth. Perhaps their beautiful complextions sets off their brightness.

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