Writers Cramp

Sawadee Khrap

Boy-oh-Boy, Have I had writer’s cramp, rainy days and many days searching for a house to rent, and a basic loss of enthusiasm.  So nothing is getting posted.  I know this is really affecting my blog traffic – it’s dropped form 250 a day to less than 100 – so I will have to do something.

I also keep thinking about this up coming back surgery.  I have to set up appointments and travel plans for that and with the low dollar and high Baht, I am trying to hold out till the last moment. That could be promoting problems too, but has to be done.  Yet, I will have to start soon as I don’t think the doctor has notified Liberty about the pending operations and gotten their forms to complete – never ending.

I am also planning on setting up a eBay account and posting items from Thailand for sale.  Specialty items of course as the shipping cost would not allow small valued items to be worth while.   But, in my current mind frame – that is last item on the burner.

Wonderful  News – My Niece just had a successful kidney transplant and all prayers and wishes go to her.  Jess has been suffering from the terrible effects of Lupus, and lately her kidneys failed – thank God they found a donor in Philadelphia and another hurtle covered. 

Got a call from Michael and he has made to move to Bali and is setting up home – he plans on visiting Chiang Mai soon and we look forward to that.  And David in London got his new computer and is back on line with his blog too – great news too.

Anyway I’m just rambling – so I’ll make this short and see if I can get some  – or one –  of these projects started.



One thought on “Writers Cramp”

  1. Frank, I do hope it is writers cramp (Frog Cam and all that!!!). I’m sure things will all come together, then we can see some new pictures.
    Sounds like Michael is finally living the dream. Lucky O’l him.

    Ya – we are planing on a trip to Lamphun this weekend – see if I can get some shots there. I guess this house hunting and the surgery trip have me off line — we’ll see.

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