Jerry & Art’s house near Nanoi

Sawadee Khrap

On Thursday we headed for Nanoi, or actually Ban Phut Charoen, 5 Km North and about 12 KM West of Nanoi from the Wang Sai-Nanoi highway where Jerry and Art have built their new house.  JerryArt-NanoiWe had a great easy ride over, clear weather and little traffic – but that evening it started to rain and never let up till we left on Saturday morning.  Actual coordinates are :

  • N18 22’49.0”
  • E100 40’21.0”
  • Elevation 1433 ft.

From my GPS phone. it’s very accurate for Google Earth people

The house is next to Art’s parents house and actually shares a back yard – at least Jerry has fenced and walled them together without a separating wall in between.  Art’s father looked after the building and now takes care of the yard.  Great help.IMG_7727                         Since it was raining the entire time we were there, I didn’t get a lot of pictures this time. 

On Monday, the Blessing Ceremony was to take place but we couldn’t stay because Nu had to start his English Language school on Monday.  I understand that there will be 9 Monks and probably all of the neighbors from the surrounding villages. 

Jerry hasn’t gotten the entire interior furnished yet, furniture and wall hangings – so we’ll wait till next time.  But here’s another exterior shot and one of Art’s shop.







For dinner and excitement we went to CK’s, local Nanoi bar and outdoor restaurant – Ladyboys, ladyboys – local gay hangout – great food and very lively later in the evening.  And finally I love these shots of one of Jerry’s pets I found on the banister in the morning.








Well it’s definitely country life – dark as hell when the sun goes down – but I can imagine a beautiful sky of stars at night – too bad it was clouded over or I would have tried to get a shot.

Dogs, cats and roosters are the only noises heard in the night – but all three were quite loud.   more details later:  Ha ha

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  1. Very cool pictures of the house, it looks wonderful. Life has got to be so wonderful there compared to the city. Laid back and so relaxing. Love the picture of the praying mantis, those are great shots.

    Thanks, better shots next time – hopefully no rain. And for the insects, I hope to set up a night light and trap some of the bugs from the surrounding area, should be some very large moths, beetles, mantis, and stickbugs. I want to do this in both Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand to compare the differences. Another project – ha ha

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