Website changing

Sawadee Khrap

I was just reading a article on The Bangkok Post – Database – the computer and technology section about the latest horrors of “PayPal” and their recommendations.   And I have been discussing with Tasanai the progress of our web site and blog – no sales, lot of activity (the blog) and our future plans.  We have decided to revamp the site, reducing it to the blog (with sideshows) and a section for Tasanai’s AsianCoOp local promotion of photographic and video offerings. (in Thai).

I’m going to start making changes and try to redesign the entire site over the next week or so.  –  sooooo don’t be shocked at what you may see – I will be trying out new themes and color schemes – Please leave a comment if you find one you particularly like.

This will also eliminate the need to continue our PayPal account and I can start looking for a full Merchants Account here in Thailand for local business credit card options, while using bank deposits for International transaction when needed.  Should really simplify things.

So stay tuned for some major changes and look – hope you like them