Pool Party – first 2007

Sawadee Khrap

Well we went to our first pool party on the 15th floor last night – nice crowd there – relaxed and friendly, although we only knew a couple of the farangs and none of the boys.  Here’s a few shots:

Poolparty1 Poolparty2

Poolparty3  Poolparty4

Not any lighting so the flash was very confined – but you can really see the atmosphere – nice and cozy, dark – just right to meet new friends – I am really looking forward to upcoming parties – as the weather gets hotter and clothing gets less – a night-swimming pool party will be just the thing.

I left the party about 10ish and took Dan (visiting guest) to see a local boy club – went to see the show at “New My Way” — great show, models, dancing and lip-sync’ing lady-boys. Nicely built boys – good show.

Tasanai went with a couple of friends and went dancing at one of the Discos – I don’t like the loud music so he has to find friends who like to dance and can stand the noise – I guessed they danced the night away – I got back home about 1 AM — he didn’t get in till after 3 AM —–  and the cigarette smoke smell – we both reeked of it —– when will they outlaw smoking at these venues – would really be nice – but I ramble now ——