Green Day – Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Dec 3, 07 was Green Day in Chiang Mai and they celebrated with all the Chiang Mai schools sending representatives to a Rally at 3 Kings Monument.  Wat Suan Dok, with teacher Khun Joanne, had a group of monks participate.  That’s Joanne with the green sign on the right.  Among them were some of the monks I am helping learn HTML and web programming. 







I have created a


of the event.  Bands from each of the school came from all 4 sides of the Old Wall Gates to meet at the 3 Kings Monument. Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am in the process of getting all the shots from the last 3–4 week ready to put on the Blog – sooooooo there will be more from different venues for posting shortly. 


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  1. As usual another great post of pictures and information about Chiangmai and it’s happenings. Hope everything is going good for you and hope to talk to you soon. I saw I missed your call so try me again when you are up and around.

    Thanks Michael – reading your blog too – nice, and looking forward to you guys moving over to Thailand – Merry Christmas – I’ll try to connect by Skype later in the week. Ciao

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