WELL – It was quiet Ha Ha

I suppose you are all wondering what is happening here in Chiang Mai – I have been watching CNN and BBC News and see there is little clear information about the present political situation.

Everything is OK – I think, as one government official said, a cancer has been removed from Thai politics and now the government can heal and resume working for the people.

Being in Chiang Mai – very little military action so no pictures to show – life here is normal.

I’ll post more when it’s available – I want to make sure I post links only to creditable sources

—– For Bangkok news Bangkok Daily Post

For Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Mail (Weekly eNewspaper)


One thought on “WELL – It was quiet Ha Ha”

  1. hey Frank, glad things are allright in Thailand after the coup….any chance that you may be able to give the dvd’s or pictures to my friend Dan for him to carry back?

    Please post a few pics of you guys on the site…that would be fun! ;)…

    Hi Tin

    I forgot about giving the DVD’s to Dan – we are going to meet him tonight for dinner and then a “show” – I’ll give then to him.  I was just going to the post office when I got your comment – great timing – it would have taken at least 2-3weeks for you to have received it by post.

    And as for the political climate – I believe Thailand has a great chance to develop a government now that will be responsive to the people and free from corruption of the past. I’m looking forward to seeing it roll out in the next few weeks.


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