Loy Krathong 2011 Chiang Mai Parade

Sawadee Khrap

Friday 11th was Loy Krathong and the big evening parade.  I went with Mohamed, Pea and managed to get some good shots.  _MG_8074As usual I didn’t stay for the whole parade, it was slow coming and I only stayed for the first half or so – my back was really starting to hurt from all the standing.  Anyway here are some examples and be sure and check out the

        *******  SLIDESHOW *******









Shan New Year – Wat Ku Tao

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from an evening at Wat Ku Tao, a Shan (Thai Yai -Burmese) Temple located near Chang Puak Rd.   I was invited to go with a friend, Wit, to see the celebration for Shan New Years.  It began on Dec 6th and this was the last evening (8th).  Wow

I tried to get some shots but my camera will not take good photos in low light – Damn – I am going to get a new one after the Christmas holidays – I hope the prices will drop by then.  In any event here are a few of the shots I did manage to get.  

First was Wit, in his traditional Shan dress (rather formal): Saifah was there in great traditional Burmese dress but I could not get any shots of his outfit – he was going on stage and I missed my chance. 



Sorry for the bad quality but you can still see the outfit – the place was packed, I’s say over 3-4000 there. Great entertainment, many young men, singing, food, boys, dancing, and did I mention – boys.



I did get shots of some of the clothes for the ladies being sold there:








Again I am sorry for the terrible quality of the images – next time.  I see that Peter has posted some good shots on his site. – Radchada


Sawadee pee Mai – Happy New Year

Sawadee Khrap

“Sawadee Pee Mai” – สวัสดีปีใหม่   Happy New Year  April 12-16th – Water, Water everywhere – Don’t let the problems in Bangkok spoil your holiday.

I’ll have some photos this week on the New Year Celebrations and I have just complete a photo session with the Adam’s Apple Ladies – Cabaret show dancers.  They are approving them now and I will post some examples here.   Stay tuned.


Max at Kew Lom Lake

Sawadee Khrap


 Wow – I just got these great pictures from our friend Max — He and several of his friends spent the weekend at this great place in Lampang.  On Kew Lom Lake – at the  Wang-Kaew Isle resort.   Approx. 160Km from Chiang Mai past Lampang but before you reach Phayao.

Looks like a very peaceful place to relax and enjoy the company of good friends – he says that they took a bamboo-boat from the resort for a 2 hr round-trip tour of the lake – caves, landscapes,  – then back to the resort’s natural gardens and comfortable rooms with WC/hot showers and a balcony overlooking the lake. Very reasonable – they paid about 1200 Baht ($40 US) person/night for lodging, food, drinks and tours — not bad.


P.S.  I just ran across a web-site for “big game” fishing and it shows the Kew Lom lake – Don’t know how they do for the fishing, or how big they are BUT judging from the photos of the boys in Max’s shots, there must be a lot to catch at the resort ().  New and I will have to check it out and let you know – fishing and the resort – ha ha .



Sawadee Pee Mai    –  Happy New Year

Nu and I want to wish all a very happy and prosperous new year.   Sorry I didn’t make up a fancy graphic or the like  – I still haven’t got my computer working as it should  – at least that’s the excuse I have used so far – it’s hard to admit that maybe I am also a bit lazy. 

Lets get WET – It’s SONGKRAN 2007

Sawadee Pi Mai Khrap

It’s Songkran and time to get wet – Here is a video I took from the top roof level of the Central Shopping Center on Huay Kaew Road – just down the street from our place. This was taken on Sunday – the last day of the show and so the crowd is not as large as it was Friday and Saturday – almost 3 times as many – roads blocked and much, much more water.


Songkran – Saturday

Sawadee Pi Mai

Here are some shots from the top of “Huay Kaew Road Central” shopping center down the street from us – just up from the moat.  There were 4 dancing stages, each with their own bands playing within the same block – here is the one in front of Central itself – If you look closely you can also see the stage up and on the other side of the street – in the upper left, below the “MK” sign. There was also another at the Orchid Hotel.



And then we ventured into the streets – These are shots from Jerry’s car – windows up naturally, or we would have been really soaked, going down the moat street at Chang Puak Gate. Figuring that each side of the moat surrounding the Old City area of Chiang Mai is about 1.3 miles – that means just here alone there is a gauntlet of almost 5 miles of people on both sides of the street throwing water on all passers by – especially those on motorcycles – and almost any one who had one was riding there – It’s not Songkran unless your soaking wet. ————



Tomorrow I am going to get some video with sound to post – I’ll be at the Central area and then in the shopping center – great eye candy, wet shirts, pants – really brings out the great figures.        Warm day – cold water – lots of fun       Stay tuned !!!! !

Sawadee Pi Mai – Happy Thai New Year – Songkran

Today we went to make merit for the Thai New Year (Songkran).  We went to a small temple outside of town in the Mae Rim District.  Tasanai wanted to find a small temple in the remote areas that needed supplies and didn’t have a large congregation.  We found a beautiful, small temple, Pong Yang Nai Temple. 

IMG_2154a IMG_2164a

The inside was painted with these colourful murals:

IMG_2159a IMG_2163a

The Head Monk and second weren’t there so we left our merit offering with a novice monk who was meditating when we arrived – The baskets had food, medical supplies and other needed items.  Plus a envelope with a little bit of cash.

IMG_2173mod IMG_2167a

Then we headed back home. Along the way we stopped at a roadside coffee shop and got ice cream shakes – great in the heat of the day – Sitting in the place next to us was a cute kid.   His father was a worker for the inn and we bought a shake for the kid too. 



 He really had a great expression when they brought the shake to him.


For the next few days we will be celebrating SONGKRAN – the Thai New Year – the “water festival”  as it is known – I’ll get some shots to show you what it’s like.


Poy Sang Long Images

Sawadee Khrap

Here are some shots from the Chiang Mai Wat Papao Festival on April 5th.








First the Temple (Wat)  This is a very old Burmese Temple and local police are not allowed in the temple grounds – they police the area themselves – that can be scary, especially after they have been drinking all day and then celebrating at night. Lot of fights here – but during the day they are friendly but we did not see a lot of smiles, I was the only Farang in the complex.


The temple area is very large and sets back from the main road  – you don’t realize the size until you enter the complex – it also has a little market with vendor/food stalls. Almost like a little Burmese city.

At this festival every family with a son about 10 y/o or so will spend all their money to dress their sons in royal princess clothes and carry them through the streets to the temple for presentation to the Abbot for monk-hood.  Here are some images starting from Thapae Gate and the procession leading to the Temple:

























And here you can read the whole story of the Shan novitiation ceremonies.

Poi Sang Long Festival coming

O5-214Here is a picture form the ChiangMai Mail article on

Poi Sang Long Festival

We will be going to the festival on April 4–6th and will get some pictures then – I am really looking forward to it. 

Before becoming novice monks, all Shan boys have their heads shaved and are carried by friends or relatives as the go through the ceremony to present their sons to the abbot of the temple.  Colourful, with much pomp and ceremony.

We plan on going to the temple close by – Wat Papao – can’t wait  Video and images to follow – I hope !!!!


15,000 seek treatment in Mae Hong Son

Sawadee Khrap

N7-Mae-Hong-Song-HospHere is the latest on the dust stuff – although today it seem about half gone in Chiang Mai – but Mae Hong Son is a different story from the Chiangmai Mail article. 


I’ll try to get some pictures of it around here – Just hope it clears, we have several models to shoot and Tasanai can’t wait to get started.  


Songkran (Thai New Year) will start on April 12th – lot of parties planned, Tasanai will go to Lampang for special family celebrations – I’ll stay in Chiang Mai though – we’ll celebrate together on the 12th.

Promise to get some shots to show this year.


Cyclone hits Chiang Mai

Sawasdee Khrap

Sunday – and the cyclone coming from Burma is going through Chiang Mai. Lots of rain – but not continuous, cooling and refreshing. With each clearing, the beautiful towering white clouds and deep blue sky really set Chiang Mai alive.

We’re also getting ready to celebrate:
The Kingdom of Thailand celebrates Wan Chatramongkhol (Coronation Day) on Friday, May 5 which marks the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great.

Check out the full story from the Chiang Mai Mail.

The Kad Suan Kaew Shopping center is teaming with people – they have seminars, play areas for the kids, special booths for clothing sale items – The Hotel, we stay at, is booked. It’s amazing – supposed to be the ‘slow’ season and I’d swear there are more people here than last Nov-Dec at the height of the tourist season. The tourist from China are increasing every day – bus load after bus load get here – Looks like Chiang Mai is fast becoming a major Chinese playground too.

We received several emails with suggestions on how to improve the web-site. Excellent ideas we want to try. We are working on them now and should be making some great changes to the layout and theme. Thanks everyone for your input and help.

I’ll get back to you with some new pictures soon

Happy New Year !

It’s New Year ! Thai style. Songkran Here are some pictures from the festival outside our office here in Chiang Mai. It’s 107 F. but you really don’t mind the sweltering heat when your getting drenche…


Songkran 2006

It’s New Year!!, Thai style! Here are some pictures from the festival outside our office here in Chiang Mai. It’s 107 F. but you really don’t mind the sweltering heat when your getting drenched. Wet, Wild and Wonderful – says the Bangkok Post.
This festival, which lasts from April 13th to the 15th is celebrated all across Thailand – but no where like here in the north. Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Lampang have events Wet,Wild, Wonderful…and parades every day. Be prepared to get drenched and have a lot of fun. Where we are located, several stages have been setup for dancing and music – the streets are full of people, loud music , water and traffic is at a stand still – there are kids in the back of trucks with 55 gal drums of water, soaking everyone who walks by.

CRW4145PlaceJPGWater guns, buckets of water & water canons are your only defense, everyone has one – join in the fun. Not a cloud in the sky, but today rivers of water are running down the curbs. You would swear we are in the middle of the monsoon season.

And did I mention the sweaters, tee shirts and pants – wet and showing every curve, quite a show. You need to be here – it’s fantastic. – Next time – plan your vacation in Thailand.