Will I abandon my life and go live in the mountains if I truly awaken?

Sawadee Khrap

This morning I received a newsletter from Aaron Abke Ministries, and this was the title.    Nice letter and to the point – for the sales of his classes.   Don’t get me wrong, a lot of good inspirational stuff,  highly influenced by ACIM and Non-Duality.    This article really got me started thinking about my Function.  

I also recommend checking out Enlighten-University’s YouTube video  “Am I In A Cult!?”  and another great one  “ 40 Truths All Religions Share”,  which adds emphasizes to the statement in ACIM’s Clarifications of Terms,A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.”   

But,  to answer the question,  I don’t think that would be the case.  As I understand “To AWAKEN”,   it is the realization that true REALITY is the Non-Dualistic relationship that God Created as opposed to an illusionary dualistic egoic perspective,  in which I,  (God’s Son),  believe I am experiencing, making, or living  as the character – ‘Frank’.    If I am awakened, then so are  “ALL of the ONE” awakened and there is no further function or need for this illusion, and it will return to the nothingness from where it came.

This “awareness of awaking” was expressed in Jesus’s  statement   “I and the Father are One”.   Jesus,  a character in the dream,  realized that this world was just that ,  a dream of separation from the ALL or ONE.   That the ‘lie’, ego,  or desire to be special and unique, had made a illusionary dualistic world and yet God’s Love cannot be completely blocked out so that Jesus’s awakening was the manifestation of the ‘Truth’ or ‘Light’ within.    Jesus told us  “That what we loosen or bind on earth will be lose or bound in Heaven.”   It is from our misdirected desire to  judge and condemn, thinking that we can assume God’s Role,  that this illusionary world arises.

However, “I am still as God Created me”   One in  God and Christ.  Then that ‘One’  must also include everyone else.  There is NO SPECIALNESS or UNIQUNESS in NON-DUALITY.   All is One.    Then it also follows, that what is done to one,  is done to all,  and that no ‘one’  (in the dream) can go to Heaven alone.  It is a collective thought of separation or dream where imagined separate egos interact with each other, but do not really exist.   Therefore, the UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE is to realize,  that when we condemn or judge each other ,  we are also judging and condemning ourselves, and that  demands that we become both JAILER and PRISONER and that they are inseparably locked together. 

So my first objective in seeking awaking is to recall to memory, examine with the Holy Spirit, and remove or forgive,  all judgements I have made which binds the dream.   As Jesus stated  “First, remove the beam from your eye so you can remove the splinter from your brother’s eye.”   Housecleaning begins at home. 

My second task is to realize  that what I see,  in this world,  is the result of an egoic projection of denial of God’s creation, or an ILLUSION.    The ego has projected out guilt upon other egos,  in a feeble attempt, to validate it’s innocents and specialness.   Assuming this is so,  I should NOT  try to change the world, but first,  CHANGE MY MIND about the world I see.   Look, Listen and Do Not Judge,   Leave ALL judgements to the Holy Spirit and through that united Vision, see that ‘their’ and  ’my’ suffering and desires are the same.   To see suffering, fear, attack, or Lack of Love, is witnessing through a egoic perspective – Christ’s Vision is to see only a “call for Love or Love itself”, so that,  in either case,  the only response is LOVE.   

I need to always remember that it would be impossible,  for any character in this world,  to forgive anything,  merely because they are not the dreamer of the illusion – the Christ, the collective Sons of God,  are.    The best, that any characters can do,  IS TO BE WILLING AND NOT JUDGE or bind the dream, and allow Christ Vision to FORGIVE and change the dream.   FORGIVENESS is Christ’s function, leave it to Him,   I need only have the willingness to allow it to happen.

Therefore my, Frank’s,  only earthly function then would be to continue my personal “beam removal” and assist the others in realizing the need to awaken.  To change my mind about the world and only offer Love, Compassion, and a willingness to forgive.   “To love my neighbor as myself.”     To this end, what immediately comes to mind is the prayer attributed to  St. Francis of Assisi

God Blesses    Christ Blesses   I Bless