What is asked of me ???

Sawadee Khrap

I got my answer from Chapter 17 – VIII.  “The Conditions of Peace.” ACIM.    It explained Look, Listen and Do Not Judge.  

“The holy instant is the shining example, the clear and unequivocal demonstration of the meaning of every relationship and every situation, seen as a whole.  Faith has accepted every aspect of the situation, and faithlessness has not forced any exclusion on it. It is a situation of perfect peace, simply because you have let it be what it is.

This simple courtesy is all the Holy Spirit asks of you.  Let truth be what it is.  Do not intrude upon it, do not attack it, do not interrupt its coming.  Let it encompass every situation and bring you peace.  Not even faith is asked of you, for truth asks nothing.  Let it enter, and it will call forth and secure for you the faith you need for peace.  But rise you not against it, for against your opposition it cannot come.

Would you not want to make a holy instant of every situation?  For such is the gift of faith, freely given wherever faithlessness is laid aside, unused.  And then the power of the Holy Spirit’s purpose is free to use instead.  This power instantly transforms all situations into one sure and continuous means for establishing His purpose, and demonstrating its reality.  What has been demonstrated has called for faith, and has been given it.  Now it becomes a fact, from which faith can no longer be withheld.  The strain of refusing faith to truth is enormous, and far greater than you realize.  But to answer truth with faith entails no strain at all.”

Look, Listen and Do Not Judge !

God Blesses    Christ Blesses     I Bless